For all who love.. to stay!
  • regular camping ticket

With this ticket you will gain access to the campsite and have a piece of grass where you can do your thing on. Don’t forget to bring your own tent and sleeping bag! Please remember, the camping ticket is only valid with a festival ticket.

  • 1 Person
  • 3 Nights
  • Free shuttlebus


€ 50,- 1 PERSON

Milkshake branded pop-up tent that is ready set go when you arrive. Please remember, the Paula ticket is only valid with a festival ticket and a camping ticket.

  • Keep the tent after the festival
  • Air mattress inside
  • Sleeping bag inside
  • 3 Nights
  • Free shuttlebus


€ 140,- 2 PERSONS

The Pampus tent is a fully inflatable accommodation with a high ceiling and enough space for two bunkbeds without sacrificing living space. Please remember, the Pampus ticket is only valid with a festival ticket and a camping ticket.

  • Made up bunk beds for max 4 persons
  • Including mattress, pillows and linen
  • Beach chairs
  • Lamps
  • A lock for the tent
  • Electrical socket
  • 3 Nights
  • Free shuttlebus


€ 400,- 2 PERSON € 475,- 4 PERSON

The Bell tent is the ultimate dream tent for anyone who loves not only camping, but also space and style. The Bell tent – also called Saharatent – was developed in the nineteenth century as a sustainable and practical army tent. The most important requirements at the time were: ‘quick to set up’ and ‘solid like a house’. The thick canvas of this tent is breathable, wind and waterproof and suitable for any weather conditions. This stylish round tent is made of high-quality materials using traditional methods. Please remember, the Bell ticket is only valid with a festival ticket and a camping ticket.

  • Wooden floor
  • Made up beds for max 4 persons
  • Including mattress, pillows and linen
  • Beach chairs
  • Mirror
  • Lamps
  • A lock for the tent
  • Electrical socket
  • 3 Nights
  • Free shuttlebus


€ 420,- 2 PERSON € 550,- 4 PERSON


How do I reach the campsite?

How do I reach the campsite with public transport?
Take the train to Sloterdijk. From there you can take a taxi or a bus to the camping site.

Busses 61/69 are leaving from the station andare easy to find when you follow the signs at Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Get out at stop ‘Naritaweg’. The signing with Milkshake Camping on it will bring you to the camping.

How far is the festival from the campsite?
From the campsite there is a FREE pendel bus that takes you to and from the festival in 10 minutes time

I want to use my TomTom! What’s the campsite’s address?
Sportpark Spieringhorn 11, 1043 AA Amsterdam

Can I park my car next to my tent?
No, you can’t but there is a parking space near the campsite. Parking tickets for this will go online closer to the event.

Where do I scan my Milkshake Campsite Ticket?
You can scan your ticket at the camping entrance

Can someone else build up my tent?
Yes, we can! Lucky you. You can reserve one of our luxurious camping add-ons. Starting from € 140 for a cozy tent for two persons, up to a luxurious Bell tent with a real bed, pillows, duvets, outdoor lanterns.

Can I reserve a spot at the campsite?
At the campsite, it’s ‘first come, first serve’, so we advise you to arrive early as fuck to claim a nice spot for your tent.

When can I check in at the campsite?
We will open the campsite at 12:00 on Friday the 27st of July, as of this time you can check your booty in. Checking in is possible 22:00. On Saturday and Sunday, the gates will open again at 09:00. Friday evening will be busy, so we advise you to arrive early, even if it is only to claim a good spot for your tent.

At what time do I checkout on Monday?
The campsite must be completely cleared by Monday, July 30th at 12:00. Make sure to set an alarm or just stay awake if you don’t want your tent to be removed. It will be very busy at the campsite in the morning se make sure to be in a good mood.

What’s the maximum tent size?
Maxium tent size is 4mx4m

I want to bring my mobile home, is this possible?
No, for this year it is not possible. Maybe next year

Can I bring my new best-festival-friend to the campsite?
Only people with a Camping wristband are allowed to access the campsite. Visitors without this wristband are not allowed on the premises. If your new friend has a wristband, entrance will be allowed. Or maybe just dive into some bushes with your one night stand.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?
Yes, you can bring food and drinks, More info coming soon about this.

I’m not exactly the preparing type of person… Can I buy everything I need on the campsite?
More info on campingstore will follow soon.

What shouldn’t I bring to the campsite?
Anything dangerous. Weapons, objects like knives or scissors, (fire) arms, fireworks, drugs, candles, barbecues, torches, oil/gas lamps and aerosols are not allowed at the campsite. Because they not only ruin the atmosphere, they’re also harmful for everyone’s safety. And no, you can’t bring your pet either.

Are there any showering facilities?
Yes, there will be shower facilities and toilets.

Will I be able to charge my phone at the campsite?
More info will follow soon

Is there WiFi available on the campsite?
More info will follow soon

Will there be any fun activities at the campsite?
Yes, there will be entertainment during the day, afternoon and evening on Friday and in the mornings and evenings on Saturday at Sunday. More info on the program will follow soon.

I still have a question, how do I get in touch?
Check the FAQ before contacting us. Haven’t found your answer in the FAQ? Please send an email to milk@milkshakefestival.nl

28 & 29 July Westerpark Amsterdam