Sit yo ass down dining at westergasterras

Sit yo ass down dining at westergasterras

Dining in the shade at Milkshake festival! At the westergasterras people can have a full course meal in two time slots.

17:00 till 19:00
19:00 till 21:00


3 Options starters

Tuti Fruti Rainbow Salad – Carpaccio made from red beet with orange thyme dressing, roasted pistachios and herb salad

Soup made from thick Jerulasem artichoke with pesto and a shot of sour cream

Ravioli with creamy riccota, libido increasing iron and a soft glitter sauve (Ravioli with ricotta, spinach and sage buttersauce)

3 options main course

Pearl couscous with grilled eggplant, zucchini, tomato salsa, coriander and chips from cassava with ras el hanout

Oyster mushroom risotto with parsley sauce – Risotto with baked oystermushrooms, bundlemushrooms, parmesan chips and a creamy sauce from dragon and parsley

Heartbreaker tomato with thick  fennel, fat dill, forbidden curry grapes and rock hard pine nuts – Coeur de boeuf tomato with fennelmouslin, dill goatcheese, curry grapes and pine nuts

Dessert 2 girls 1 cup

Chocolate mousse with a juicy sauce and a cream loaded ice-ball!

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27 & 28 July Westerpark Amsterdam