Jody Rouwenhorst

Jody Rouwenhorst

What is the ultimate feeling of freedom for you?

For me, the ideal freedom is when my reality and my fantasies come together.

Why are you looking forward to this year’s edition of Milkshake?

Everybody’s there, it’s just a big family vacation. And this year for two days straight!!

What’s your favorite stage?

I really loved Amanda Lepore’s performance at the Gliterazzi stage last year! Just like past edition, I’m one of the performers in the mega-super-sized-dollhouse Supertoys stage, so that will be fun. Also I heard some things about Milkshake’s Secret Project, that’s gonna be a showstopper and hopefully an eye opener.

And of course I can’t wait to see all the girls kill it at the This Is How We Drag Galore stage. I mean Galore… she’s just a goddess.

Make your life more poetic than fiction, see you in July!!