Sean Jansen

Sean Jansen

What is the ultimate feeling of freedom for you?

In my ideal world, freedom has no boundaries. It’s kind of like that feeling of relief when you come out the closet; doing something despite the fact that you know not everybody is going to see eye to eye with you. Freedom for me, means shedding that what scares me. Forgetting about my insecurities and just following my heart. This doesn’t mean freedom is something I can only enjoy by myself. But feeling free to be myself, express myself, and to feel accepted by my direct surroundings (my friends and family), that’s simply the best feeling. Free to feel, without the initial limitations I might have set for myself to cope with my fears. As long as I can live that way, I have space to follow my heart’s desires.

Why are you looking forward to this year’s edition of Milkshake?

Milkshake means more to me than ‘just’ a festival. I joined the Milkshake promotors’ team when I wasn’t really in a great place personally. I felt quite alone and misunderstood, and I wasn’t feeling happy. Everything in my life seemed to just somehow not work out. But after I joined the team, I started to have all these little things to look forward to. Promoting the festival together with the team is something that gives me a lot of energy and puts a smile on my face.

I guess you could say I am looking forward to having two days where I can completely be MYSELF. Just letting all my insecurities go (except for when I compare myself to all the beautiful visitors maybe ;-)) and having a great time with my friends. No other event feels more like home than Milkshake and to me that’s a very special feeling.

What’s your favorite stage?

Supertoys! The life-size dollhouse from last year’s edition was a wild fantasy come true. I got to dance in the dollhouse with some other promotors, which was simply fantastic! Also, the artists performing at Supertoys are always a little different and so, so diverse, colorful and fascinating to me.