Dennis Fonteine

Dennis Fonteine

What do you do?

I am an International Fashion & Management student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Next to that, I try to earn some cash to maintain my love for FASHION, travelling around the world, stretching my stuff at fabulous parties and flying to London cuz god I love that city!

What is the ultimate feeling of freedom for you?

The ultimate feeling of freedom for me is to feel that I am able to express myself in any creative way I want and getting appreciated for it. 

Even in today’s society and in the Netherlands, which was the first country to legalize gay marriage, there is homophobia and racism against people that are different. It’s still a big issue. Something I had to deal with myself a lot because I was raised in a conservative countryside of the Netherlands. Milkshake is a national day of freedom (and now even a whole WEEKEND) in my year, where we celebrate the uniqueness and differences and the togetherness of so many nationalities, genders, races and sexual orientations.

Why are you looking forward to this year’s edition of Milkshake?

I am looking forward to a liberated weekend full of love, enjoyment and FUN! Not taking ourselves too seriously and just letting go of all norms and values society tries to force onto us. Surrounded by people that are not afraid to express themselves and embrace each other for who they are, in whatever way possible. 

It’s always so amazing to see how all these people, that are labeled by society as different (nationalities, races, sexual orientation etc), all have the same attitude at Milkshake.

What’s your favorite stage?

Although I love all of Milkshake, I would have to say Supertoys. Just because I was stretching my stuff last year on the main stage for a couple of hours with quit some dear friends and that gave me so much LIFE!

25 & 26 July Westerpark Amsterdam