Franck Pagnon

Franck Pagnon

What is the ultimate feeling of freedom for you?

Live and let live.
We all have our opinions on different matters, but let’s stop treating people we don’t agree with like freaks and let’s start putting our efforts in our own happiness.
We should all enjoy the great experiences life throws at us and focus on what makes us better humans.
To me that’s the ultimate feeling of freedom, when I can be who I am, love who I love, wear what I want to wear, choose what nail polish colour I’m gonna go for tomorrow, and not be judged for it or diminished because of that.

Why are you looking forward to this year’s edition of Milkshake?

Milkshake is such an exciting experience, everyone looks forward to it!
It’s that time of the year you know for sure you’re going to have a blast with your friends, laugh, dance, and feel good and free.
Being an ambassador makes it so special to me because we are a loving crazy family and we get to spread the joy everywhere we go!
This year, Milkshake is going on for a whole weekend, so I’m really looking forward to that : 2 days of love, laughter and glitter!

What’s your favourite stage?

This year we have new babies on the Milkshake line-up and I’m really excited about the Flikker and Is Burning stages, but my favourite is of course the Supertoys stage.
Last year I was dancing in the doll house with some of my ambassador siblings, and I had the best time!
The performances, the outfits and the settings are so eclectic and colourful, it really has this ‘for all who love’ spirit.

25 & 26 July Westerpark Amsterdam