Lady Bunny’s five most hilarious videos

Lady Bunny’s five most hilarious videos

This superstar from Tennessee doesn’t only talk the talk: she walks the walk as a performer and singer and doesn’t hold back when throwing in toe-curling jokes. Lady Bunny is one of the most foul-mouthed drag queens and whether you’re the pope, Justin Bieber or RuPaul: this self-named ‘old pig in a wig’ is only done with you when she says so. She’s a delight to watch, that’s why we collected five hilarious videos of her for you down below. 

Audience warm-up before RuPaul’s Drag Race 4 Reunion Show 
Lady Bunny is bff’s with RuPaul and was given the opportunity to warm-up the audience of RuPaul’s Drag Race reunion show. The first 3,5 minutes already are too heavy to handle, numerous celebs get seriously roasted. What did Kim Kardashian say to King Kong? ‘Is it in?’

Clown’s Syndrome
Two years ago the diva was kicking it with her own show Clown’s Syndrome. ‘Get your tickets now as seating in this intimate cabaret theatre is limited. And because I’m old that I might die any second. The ticket price is as cheap as my humor.’

Lady Bunny’s Ebola Update: Shocking New Info
Besides singing and performing this lady surely knows how to be an achorwoman. The quality of this video isn’t that good by the way, as someone noticed: “Very funny. But why the hell did you record this on a potato?”, on which the queen replied: “I didn’t chew well and the potato fell out of my ass.”

Lady Bunny’s Papal Poop
The Vatican is the target in this video. ‘What is the difference between drag queens and the pope? The drag queens like boys that are twelve inch, the pope likes boys that are twelve.’

Lady Bunny’s Diva Dish
Fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race? So is Lady Bunny. She cracks jokes about the contestants with all her heart.

Check Lady Bunny on the Supertoys stage on Sunday July 31st.

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