Milkshake Hardcups

Milkshake Hardcups

Milkshake always wants to make the world a more sustainable and beautiful place.
One of our many points is the use of hardcups! This way we want to reduce the plastic waste and keep the beautiful Westerpark clean. And while doing this you can get early access to Milkshake 2020 tickets!

How it works:
♡ With your first purchase at the bar pay a one-time fee of €1.- for your beverage container: this includes all cups/bottles/cans
♡ Keep your container close! If you lose it you will have to pay the €1.- again.
♡ When you order your next drink, just hand in your container, this way you won’t have to pay the fee again
♡ If you don’t want to hold on to your container, hand it in at the bar or at one of the recycle points in exchange for a recycle token.
♡ At the end of the festival collect your final recycle token
♡ Use the unique recycle token code for early access to Milkshake 2020 tickets and get a chance to win fabulous Milkshake prizes!

The recycle token has a unique code on it. Use this code to register for the Early Access sale of Milkshake 2020, join the competition to win Milkshake 2020 tickets, discount on merchandise and fabulous gifts from our partners!
♡ We’ll be saving tons of plastic (we expect a 50% reduction on our total waste)
♡ We’ll be keeping the Westerpark super clean and beautiful
♡ You’ll be drinking from a firm cup, which actually feels like a regular glass.
♡ For a €1 investment, you’ll get early access to the 2020 ticket sales AND fantastic Milkshake benefits and prizes.

Any questions regarding our sustainable system? Just shoot off an e-mail to milk@milkshakefestival.com

25 & 26 July Westerpark Amsterdam