Milkshake loves Sustainability

Milkshake loves Sustainability


Separation of waste front-, backstage & after event

Bio-degradable disposables:
All our food partners will exclusively make use of biodegradable plates, cutlery, and napkins. After eating one our biological dishes, you can throw your biodegradable ‘disposables’ away together with the GFT-trash. During the festival, the trash bins will be emptied by our teams in our Fast Composting Machine. The real circle of life babes!

24hour composting:
This revolutionary machine, designed by EcoCreation, will transform your GFT-trash and degradable plates into compost in only 24-hours. This process usually takes months! The compost will partially head to the farmers who grow our festival food. So we make sure nothing goes to waste as long as we can prevent it!

Straw free & tray free:
Because who actually needs a straw?


Stimulating public transport & bikes
Discouraging car travel
Artist travel by electric cars


Smart powerplan 80% on battery and grid power.
We will use the power grid whenever possible. Our Smart Power Plan, uniquely created for Milkshake Festival, helps us to use as little power as possible. We use green batteries, powered by solar- and wind energy combined with fixed power points in the park. Also, we have battery-operated lamp posts. In addition, we use biodiesel from Goodfuels: this fuel has ZERO emissions (a CO2 reduction of 100%) and is produced using vegetable pulp and frying fat which stimulates the circular economy. Also, our onsite offices will run entirely on a battery powered by solar energy.


Hardcups & Deposit system
We have invested in reusable plastic drinking cups and bottles to minimize the use of plastic. Leave No Trace is our motto. So, we would like to explain to you how the new system works: For every plastic cup and bottle, you will pay a one-time fee when ordering your first drink. When you purchase your next drink, you can hand in your cup or bottle and receive a new cup/bottle without having to pay the small fee again. You can also exchange your cup/bottle for a recycle token. This token can be handed in for a new cup/bottle or you can keep it when you leave the festival as this token contains a unique code, which provides you with amazing Milkshake prizes after the festival and early access to the sale for Milkshake 2020.

In reducing our ecological footprint (CO2 emissions and water usage) we had just one big step to take: going vegetarian. Since meat leaves a huge footprint on our earth worldwide, we chose this year, to not serve it anymore. By not eating meat together with 40.000 people during two festival days, we’ll be saving enormous amounts of CO2, water and land.

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Free tap water
Because we don’t want nobody dry.

Urine & feces —> Phosphate / Bio-gas with Waternet

Did you know that even your trips to the toilet can serve our planet? We will be collecting it all, in collaboration with Ecotoilet and Waternet, to create fertilizer out of the phosphate. So no shame in visting the bathroom!


Mini Milkshake
Mini Milkshake is organized especially for the mentally disabled with an LGBTQ orientation. An entrance ticket costs € 7.50. For this you get 2 consumption vouchers that you can trade in at a food truck or at the bar. This way we want to create a festival experience for everybody!
Mini Milkshake is for people with intellectual and / or mental disabilities from Cordaan, Philadelphia and other healthcare institutions.

Voorlees dagen

On July 23, 24 and 25, FOR ALL WHO LOVE FOUNDATION organizes several pleasant gender-neutral reading hours in the Meterhuisje at Westerpark. We do this together with Milkshake for the neighborhood and admission is free. Colourful Milkshake family members are going to read to children between 4 and 10 years old.
Want to join? Go to https://forms.gle/Pj3bgomg8VFMwZKs5

25 & 26 July Westerpark Amsterdam