Nickie Nicole: “I believe we’re in a new renaissance: a revival in the freedom of expression.”

Nickie Nicole: “I believe we’re in a new renaissance: a revival in the freedom of expression.”

She was the queen of the iT and the face of the Dutch queer scene in the nineties. Nickie Nicole went away for a while but is making her comeback on Milkshake this Sunday; a very good reason to give this sweetheart a call. 

Hi Nickie, we all know you from a while ago and we’ve missed you. Where have you been all those years?
“There are also moments of silence, people need moments for themselves. I wanted to spend more time with my family in New York and Orlando. All the glamour back here was wonderful, but deep inside I missed them a lot. I got really homesick. But, you know, I am always moving around.”

Okay, so where are you now?
“Most of the time in Paris and Berlin. We are busy with the new collection of my fashion brand and work with a team of three great couturiers. We’re transforming my art into fashion.”

We know you’ve had a shop in Amsterdam back in the days. Can we see your work online?
“No baby, you have to see it in real life. It’s not a patatje friet you buy.”

When and where can we see it? You’re making us curious.
“I am going to show a lot during Milkshake, so I am already busy for weeks with all preparations. The stage is my catwalk but Our House is not Nickie Nicole’s house. It is representing everyone; more than the LGBTQG, more than house and more than a festival. Our House will be one big bubble of love for all the wonderful people all over the world.”

Can we see it as a comeback?
“Yes, I believe we’re in a new renaissance: a revival in the freedom of expression. Nowadays, there is more diversity and people are not afraid to show who they are. It is pure energy and it feels like I’ve been born again. I am still a baby.”

If you look back… How has the scene changed over the years?
“We have another view of partying now, in the 90s there was more clubbing and a lot more to protect. The biggest difference is that there are more people in the scene now that respect each others diversity.”

A lot of people who visit Milkshake were born in the nineties! Can you describe the club scene of back in the days?
“It was my first renaissance and the beginning of the house period, especially in The Netherlands. Joost van Bellen was the first person I met – I came fresh from New York – and he introduced me to really, really nice people like Manfred Langer [the owner of iT, red.]. As a dancer and VJ, I was just flowing in a bubble, exited to create. So wow to have been part of that.”

Where are all the other club kids from that period?
“All children are spread around the world and do great things, they are still evolving. The dancers doing choreographies for the biggest super stars, the babies grew up and they have babies too. It is beautiful that there are new generations with the same energy and vibe. At the end it is all about love and respect, it is up to us to show that to the rest of the world.”

25 & 26 July Westerpark Amsterdam