Prepare yourself for the Milkshake Weekender in 5 steps

Prepare yourself for the Milkshake Weekender in 5 steps

We celebrate our fifth b-day in style by organizing an over the top weekender on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st. But how do you prepare yourself for a weekend filled with drag, galore and open minded furore? We tell you with these five steps my love. 

1. Get yo’ leather outfit for Mister B.’s Kinky Village
Lifestyle and fetish store Mister B. has its own area at the festival: Kinky Village. Cool army tents and candy condom boys included, woooo! Work your toy boy to the ground with colored lube in the inflatable swimming pool or test your endurance at the electro challenge where you hold an electrified butt plug. Are your makeup and outfit way too perfect for these games and would you rather show the world how good you’re looking? Visit the photo booth where you can get snaps with sexy models. Save your ooh’s and aah’s for the bondage show with gorgeous people who are lifted in the air with ropes or spread your own wings like a butterfly and get lifted yourself. Not to mention the yummy candy condom boys or the guessing of the weight of a big ass dildo!


2. Start dancing on these Peaches, The Million Plan and GNUCCI tracks 
Hysterical artists, extraordinary art, mesmerizing performances: you don’t know where to look at Milkshake. With these videoclips you’re about to make a lovely start. Get going!

Peaches – Supertoys / Sunday

The Million Plan – Supertoys / Saturday

GNUCCI – Vieze Poezendek / Sunday 

3. Work those twerk skills
At stages like Vieze Poezendek and Rumour Has It you’re really going to need your twerk moves. How would you otherwise dance on the sexy beats of Christal Empire, Le1f, FS Green & MC Fit? Move that ass guuuuurl!

4. Have you mastered them twerk moves? Good, time to move over to the roller disco 
You can skate the whole weekend at the roller disco. On Saturday our F*cking Pop Queers bff’s will be hosting the party with their disco grooves. Artists like Glen Coco, Absoluut, Cleo and Johanna Maria are lined up. The day after we’ll continue rollerskating in the hands of Roller Disco Total with DJs like Fred Ventura, Maxime Duvall and Severino. It’s okay to not practice: the more you’re likely to fall in the arms of that hot stud over there. Do you have your own pair of roller skates? Bring them with you!

5. Enjoy the bites of The Bear-naked Chef 
Wait, can you enjoy them already? Nope, not yet. But we’ve collected the yummiest snaps of The Bear-naked Chef himself. We love his meat balls… and his food looks good too. Adrian De Berardinis started cooking when he was eight years old and his hobby has grown into his profession, his support, his therapy. Cooking without a single piece of clothing brings him to another dimension. In his experience it’s all about discovering, tasting, seeing, feeling and sharing. At Milkshake Festival you can enjoy him and his bites on Sunday between 12:30-15 PM. Nothing butt good food.

Bear-Naked Chef 1

Bear-Naked Chef 2

Bear-Naked Chef 3

Bear-Naked Chef 4

Bear-Naked Chef 5

Bear-Naked Chef 6

25 & 26 July Westerpark Amsterdam