Riot boi Le1f is a pleasure to watch to

Riot boi Le1f is a pleasure to watch to

The Big Apple’s night life turned hella more beautiful when rebel Le1f (pronounce as Leaf) started to interfere. 

Le1f graduated in ballet and modern dance, produced tracks for Das Racist (he made the 2008 hit ‘Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell’) and has his own album: ‘Riot Boi’. His album is a clash of seriousness and playfulness, and his own mother provided the vocals for the ending track. There’s a looooot more to tell about the rapper, but instead we collected his nicest snaps and quotes. Enjoy. Don’t miss him at Vieze Poezendek on July 31st kitties!

“I had a fear of failing as a rapper, but I realized more and more that I wasn’t lacking in talent, just confidence.” [Link]


“There is a masculinity in riot grrrl music, which is probably why I don’t identify with it, but also why it was so important and powerful. That is something our scene has—regardless of who is in it, it has this very powerful feminine energy, like a Nefertiti head bust or Storm from X-Men.”


“You know, I’m the only person in my family who can’t sing.”


“My mom is too cool, actually too cool. It’s kind of a problem. She goes out—I ran into her at a Santigold concert once! Like I’ll come to her house and she’s blasting Teengirl Fantasy or Kelela—drinking a glass of Shiraz by herself, listening to Teengirl Fantasy, that’s her shit.”


“I always thought, “Okay I’m going to focus my energy on rap and the rap game, because that’s how I’m going to be able to pay rent and pay off my school loans.” But seeing the reaction with this whole gay rap situation has made me not want to play into it at all anymore and just make whatever.”


“One time, the homie Venus[-X] read me; we were on the phone and she was like, “Girl, you keep wearing jeans and t-shirts at your shows, but the music doesn’t give that.” I was like, “You’re right, I need to be the person that I am at school, making dance and choreography. I should think about the whole performance.” That’s when I put the 1 in my name and started dressing for the occasion.”


“I kind of just made whatever I thought was the best music I could make. Whatever the reaction is to that is whatever it is.” [Link]

25 & 26 July Westerpark Amsterdam