The teaches of Peaches

The teaches of Peaches

An average Peaches show is filled with outrageous dancers moving in the sexiest ways and every imaginable dicks and vaginas synonym passes by. We can go on endlessly about this unabashed performer and her outspoken art pop. On Sunday July 31st Peaches performs at the Supertoys stage, so refresh your knowledge and prepare yourself for a hell of a set full of sex, drugs and rock & roll.

What started as Merrill Nisker ended after a break as The Shit in Peaches 
With six albums, countless tracks in different films and series (Jackass, Mean Girls, The L World) and an electro-rock opera you can safely say this party animal has done it all. She released her first album in ’95 under her real name Merrill Nisker. The same year she started the rock group The Shit with Chilly Gonzales, Mocky and Sticky. In the meanwhile she began using the moniker Peaches and launched her second album ‘The Teaches of Peaches’. She even had a deal with Sony, but the label ended it after seeing the ‘Set It Off’ video. Damn girl!

Her videos are hotter than the average porn site 
One pair of bushy cha cha’s after the other, curvy ladies with big breasts, nudity all over yo face: you’re double checking whether you’re not actually watching Pornhub instead of Peaches’ video. Her track ‘Rub’ is a perfect example.

Next-level fashionista 
Dancers dressed as gigantic vags, pink and yellow onesies with ridiculously big love sticks and pubic hair, elastic jumpsuits covered in glitters: Peaches knows how to stand out. If you need some more inspiration, check these:




Lyrics to think about… or not
From “Will you just take a look over there, is she tryin’ to get outta that clitares? Liberation for women, that’s what I preach” to “Dick, balls and dick, balls and one dick, balls balls dick dick, balls and dick”: Peaches’ lyrics cover all grounds. In this interview she states she feels strong about being honest and open: “Growing up in the ’80s and being so sick of how music – such a pure form of expression – was so watered down all the time […]. It’s happening now too. What is the point of that?” And we totally agree. Go Peaches.

So you know where y’all wanna be on Sunday July 31st

Supertoys! And wear anything you like – or don’t wear one thing – and forget about limits and whatever people expect from you.

25 & 26 July Westerpark Amsterdam