Magic Milkshake Package 2023

20 January 2023

Want to experience a fully loaded 3-day weekend with us? Join a night full of ecstatic disco pleasure at the iconic Gashouder, where Milkshake starts on Friday for the first time ever?? Have your make-up taken to the next level by Milkshake beauty artists? Then pack your bags and get in on the Magic Milkshake package because your chariot awaits you darling!

The Room Mate Aitana Hotel opens its beautiful doors for you to enjoy breathtaking views, charming décor, delicious food and so much more, sure to make your experience unforgettable!

Please note: Afterparty tickets are not included in this sale and will only be available to buy during the regular ticket sale on February 14th at 12:00 PM (CET).

Buy your Magic Milkshake Package now through the Events page.